The Word and the Sword Project

The Book and The Sword Project - in honour of Lt Col Emanuel Moreno - to support IDF - the Israeli Defence Forces. Resorting Sefrei Torah for use by the IDF

Torah Scrolls are carried by every Israeli Army unit

- this is what the Safre veSeifa Project - the Word and the Sword - is all about.


ISRAEL, NETIVOT : Israeli residents and relatives take cover from a rocket attack from Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip during the funeral of Israeli soldier Corporal Meidan Maymon Biton, 20, at the cemetery of the southern Israeli city of Netivot on July 29, 2014. Meidan was killed the previous day when a mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip hit the Eshkol regional council, which flanks Gaza’s southern border with Israel. AFP PHOTO/GIL COHEN-MAGEN


Lieutenant N, a fighter pilot from the “Knights of the Twin Tail” Squadron, lost one of his friends fighting in the Gaza Strip last week

This is also a terrorist attack.
Friday. Gush Etzion
Cars can be used as weapons too.
One person was injured


What is the price of Hamas’ tunnels? The welfare of its own people.

Israel has been rocket-free for…..


 עם ישראל חי


These are the facts.


The Hamas Charter:

An Oppressive Doctrine That Promotes Terrorism