The Word and the Sword Project

The Book and The Sword Project - in honour of Lt Col Emanuel Moreno - to support IDF - the Israeli Defence Forces. Resorting Sefrei Torah for use by the IDF

Israel has been rocket-free for…..


 עם ישראל חי


These are the facts.


The Hamas Charter:

An Oppressive Doctrine That Promotes Terrorism


Shameful Pallywood Propaganda at work.


Yesterday, The Safra veSeifa - The Word and the Sword Project

dedicated a new Sefer Torah to the Israeli Army.

These IDF soldiers had all received Emergency Draft notices (Tzav 8)


The Funeral of Ayal, Gilad and Naftali - of Blessed Memory.

The whole House of Israel mourns the loss of our three children


Picture of the Day: Knesset holds tefilla rally for the boys

#bringbackourboys #EyalGiladNaftali

The Knesset too held a prayer rally for the safe return of the 3 boys… the MKs all participated, religious and non-religious together…

(I heard a complaint from someone about the government not saying tehillim, not leading its cabinet sessions with tehillim… so, as you can see here, the government also says tehillim for the boys)

Watch the video here

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Families Make First Joint Statement to the Press

The parents of kidnapped teenagers Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha’ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah made a joint statement to the press Tuesday, after the first meeting of the three families since the boys were abducted Thursday night by Hamas terrorists. 

”We met today for the first time, the Yifrahs - Eyal’s parents, the Sha’ars - Gilad’s parents and the Frenkels - Naftali’s parents,” the families said, in a joint statement. “The meeting was very significant and important for us, we have met good people here and we are confident in the strength of the Creator of the Universe [to being the boys home].” 

”We want to give our support for the security forces, who are working day and night to find the boys, the decision-makers, and the Prime Minister, who has been in constant contact with us,” they continued.

We pray that our soldiers will be safe and bring home our boys unharmed, and we are grateful to all those involved in this tremendous effort.” 

”We feel a huge hug from the people of Israel, who accompanies us every hour - this strengthens us very much,” they concluded. “Please keep praying and doing good deeds.”

"To Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal: We love you and miss you. Be strong." 


#EyalGiladNaftali are still in the hands of Hamas terrorists. Their parents are still waiting for them to arrive home. What if these were the last words you heard your child say?